Social Assessments and Audit

What we do?

We work with individual social enterprises to develop funding strategy that meets their needs and context. There are several online portals these days which offer to connect the NGOs/social enterprises with the funders. However, many a times, the NGOs / social enterprises are not able to take advantage. There are various sources of funding, it is important to select the right source as per the need and the mission. We will work with you to develop such strategies.

How we help?

We start by understanding your most critical decisions and defining what success would look like. Recognizing that the definition of success varies tremendously by client, we find that the right questions and approaches vary too. For any given client, we seek to identify the most vital questions and structure the work to answer them.

These questions may include:

    • What are the most powerful strategies your organization/network can pursue to dramatically increase social impact? What structure, process, talent, and culture are necessary to achieve your goals?
    • What sources of sustainable revenue exist to support your organization?
    • How will you know if you are making a difference?
    • How will you learn and improve over time?
    • Who must you engage to make change successful, and how can you ensure they are part of the change process?

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