Work with us:

Experts / Consultants:
We believe that individuals with different talents and from diverse backgrounds can contribute to our cause, mission and work. We are agnostic to the sector you may come from. Please write to us with your interest – if you would like to work with us. You can send your CVs to us even though we have not notified any open positions at present.

Do let us know if you think we should combine our resources on your existing project, or if you think we should jointly submit a proposal for one.

Tell us if you have an idea that aligns with our cause, mission or work, and if you think we can join hands to take it forward.

Interns and Volunteers: 
Ankuram welcomes interns and volunteers on an ongoing basis. Do let us know about you, your interest, and the learning or volunteering opportunity you are looking for.

Even if you cannot pinpoint an aspect or area of work, do send us your interest and CV; we shall explore a possible opportunity and let you know.

Partner with us:

We are keen to ally with like-minded organisations from social, private, and governmental or public sectors. We also welcome academic as well as media organisations to join hands with us. We are also eager to forge partnerships with various organisations from different countries with whom we can make common cause.

We will be on the lookout for such tie-ups which can benefit our learning, work, and cause — be it on a specific issue or a long-term strategic one.

Please write to us if you get to know about us first and think we should work together.


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