Code of Ethics

Last updated on 10 June 2017.

Core Values:
Integrity & Transparency: We diligently practice our beliefs concerning our cause and mission. Our organisational dealings are bona fide and fully adhere to the laws and rules applicable in our different operating environments. We are resolute about never resorting to any indecorous, illegal, corrupt, or otherwise unethical conduct. We are steadfast about acknowledging credit where it is due.

All our internal and external policies and practices are unambiguous and detailed. Not only are they duly in the public domain, but they are also communicated at the outset in our pertinent interactions. Of course, we are open to receiving questions about our organisation and its work. We shall do our best to answer them expeditiously.

Professionalism & Excellence: We do not take anyone or anything for granted. We are dedicated to measure up to the highest standards and established benchmarks of professional conduct.

We are confident about being able to create good value for our collaborators – to not only match, but also excel their expectations. This confidence derives from our passionate, yet entrepreneurial approach. Drawing on this approach, our work processes are optimistic, rational, systematic, scientific, data-driven, agile, ingenious, and result-oriented.

Fairness & Empathy: Our work requires that we are perceptive, approachable, and responsive to our stakeholders even as we stay true to our cause and mission. We fully appreciate these requirements and diligently accede to them.

We are sensitive and committed to upholding – as applicable – the principles of equity, non-discrimination, environmental conservation, and broad-based participation in our policies, practices, processes, and procedures.

We are respectful towards the various rights of all individuals and particularly aware about the situations of socially deprived groups and communities. Our conduct is accordingly informed and responsive.

Concomitantly, we take great pride in our team and are fully considerate of each other.

In addition to the Core Values that drive us, we stand for and adhere to highest levels of professional ethics. We stand and abide by:

  • Privacy of client information:

We will keep all client information private and confidential and not share it with other unless with a prior written from the client.

  • Avoidance of any conflict of Interest:

We avoid taking up any work or service offerings that conflict with or intervene in providing the best service to our clients. The staff or consultants hired will also abide by the conflict of interest policy and not take up any work that conflicts with Ankuram or the clients.

  • Fair and Ethical behaviour

Our staff and / or consultants will be fair and ethical in their approach and dealings with clients, communities and external stakeholders.